Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My First Float in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

I had read about sensory deprivation tanks a couple of years ago. They are also know as isolation tanks, float tanks, and flotation tanks. I had read that they are therapeutic and can help you achieve deep muscle relaxation and meditation. At the time, there wasn't a local place to go float. Sunday afternoon I was scrolling through my Facebook wall and saw that a friend of mine had just floated at a place locally, Sacred Floats & Gems Co. I immediately called and set an appointment for this evening.

When I got there, I was greeting by a really sweet gal, Nina. She explained the waiver to me and answered all my questions. I felt real at ease talking to her. After I initialed and signed the waiver and paid, Nina gave me the short tour and explained the process to me.

I showered before going into the tank as instructed. I stepped inside, sat down and shut the door then just before laying down I realized I forgot to put my earplugs in. I had left them on the small table near the tank. So I got out, put them in and got back in. They provide free disposable ear plugs, or you can buy a nicer, reusable pair for $2.00 which is is what I did.

The water is kept at skin temperature which is 94 degrees and it is saturated with Epsom salt. The high level of Epsom salt allows anyone to float. It is pitch black in the tank and after shutting the door and having the earplugs snugly in place, the only thing I could hear was my own breathing and the ringing in my ears that I pretty much have all the time. Between the absolute darkness, lack of sound, and not feeling the water since it was skin temperature, it really did feel like I was floating in space.

I've ready that most people fall asleep. I didn't fall asleep, but there were a couple times I felt as though I could drift off. My problem was my brain didn't want to shut off. It's a chronic problem I have. I have to highly medicate myself to be able to sleep at night ever since menopause hit me hard last Fall. Anyway, I did some deep breathing, said positive affirmations to myself, and at one point, even started counting backwards from 200 as I sometimes do to help myself go to sleep. I counted down to about 140 and decided to just try to not think about anything. A couple of times, I would realize that I hadn't thought about anything at all, my mind was absolutely quiet. But when I realized it, thoughts came flooding back. But that was really huge, because my brain is never absolutely quiet. For this first time, I only did a 60 minute float. Next time I will do longer, at least two hours. And before then, I will practice quieting my mind so that when I do float again, I'll be able to quiet my mind faster and for longer.

Another chronic problem I have is extreme muscle tension throughout my body. So it takes a LOT for me to be able to relax even a little bit. Floating did relax me, but my muscles didn't relax as much as I had wanted. The longer I floated, the more relaxed I felt though. Probably 5-10 minutes before the end of my float, I felt a significant feeling of relaxation in my muscles. It felt like a release of sorts. I wanted that feeling to last forever. This is another reason I am going to do a longer float next time - to be able to stay in long enough to give my muscles enough time to totally let go.

When the session time was over, a pump turned on and the water starting gently swirling. I instantly wished I would have paid for a two hour float. I did NOT want to get out. I felt chilled once I stepped out of the tank, so I quickly walked down the short, private hall and into a warm shower. Standing in the shower, I noticed how my legs felt like wet noodles and how I still felt relaxed.

Overall, floating was a really good experience. I hope to be able to do it again very soon. Before I started writing this post, I did find a Groupon for Sacred Floats & Gems Co for a 90 minute session for the same price of a 60 minute session for $50. I took advantage of it.

After my float and shower I did a 15 minute oxygen therapy. I'll be writing another blog post that will tell about their oxygen therapy and the other services Sacred Floats & Gems Co offers as well as pictures of their gem collection. When I left, I stopped by the store to pick up a few thin gs, got home and fixed a quick dinner, and then folded some clothes. As I was folding my clothes, I noticed how peaceful and good I felt. So yes, I am really looking forward to going back again soon for a longer float.  

I was not compensated in any way nor did I receive any discount for this review. I simply experienced something pretty cool and wanted to share it.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

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